2023 7th International Workshop on Advances in Energy Science and Automation (AESA 2023)
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Conference General Chair


Prof. Hongwei Li 
School of Electrical Engineering and Information, Southwest Petroleum University, China

Brief introduction:

Hongwei Li is currently the professor and the director of the Faculty Committee of the School of Electrical information at Southwest Petroleum University (SWPU). In 2010, he was selected as a visiting Scholar of "Light of the West" organized by the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC and the Ministry of Education. In 2015.4-2015.10, he was a visiting Scholar in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the University of Texas (UTA). In the past five years, he has undertaken or participated in a number of national and provincial research projects. He has published more than 100 scientific and technological papers.His research interests include distribution network (micro-grid) analysis and control, integrated energy system, intelligent motor control, control system design of oilfield electrical equipment and energy saving technology, etc.

Technical Program Committee Chair


Prof. Zhongliang Liu

College of Energy and Power Engineering, Beijing University of Technology, China

Brief introduction:

Professor Liu Zhongliang works as the chair professor of power engineering and engineering thermophysics in the Power and Energy Engineering Department of Beijing University of Technology. He is the ex-deputy director of the Chinese Society of Heat Transfer under the Chinese Society of Engineering Thermophysics. He has been committed himself to teaching and research in the field of thermal fluids and energy engineering. He has published more than 400 academic papers on various academic journals and conferences including Int. J. of Heat & Mass Transfer, Int. J. of Refrigeration, J. of Power Sources, Energy, Energy Conversion & Management, Numerical Heat Transfer, Applied Thermal Engineering etc. Now his main research interests are environmental energy technology, enhanced heat transfer theory and technology, numerical methods in heat and fluid flow and renewable energy utilization and energy conservation, process energy saving, analysis and optimization.

Local Organizing Chair

Prof. Zhongliang Liu

College of Energy and Power Engineering, Beijing University of Technology, China

Publication Chair

Prof. Hongwei Li 
School of Electrical Engineering and Information, Southwest Petroleum University, China

Organizing Committee (In no particular order)

Prof. Fuquan Song.png

Prof. Fuquan Song

College of Petro-Chem.

and Energy Engineering, China

A. Prof. Le-Ying Zhang.jpg

A. Prof. Le-Ying Zhang

Taizhou Institute of

Sci. & Tech. NUST, China


A. Prof. Penghui Zhang

Hohai University, China

Weiwei   He.png

Dr. Weiwei He

Wuhan University of

Science and Technology, China

Yao Jiawei.png

Dr. Yao Jiawei

Tongji University, China

Lecturer Yan Liu.png

Lecturer Yan Liu

Taizhou Institute of

Sci. & Tech.NUST, China

Xianglian Han.png

Dr. Xianglian Han

Weifang Vocational

College, China

Zhiliang Zhu.jpg

Prof.Zhiliang Zhu

Tongji University, China

Gang   Yang.jpg

Prof. Gang Yang

Southwest University, China

Hong   Qi.jpg

Prof. Hong Qi

Harbin Institute of

Technology, China

Shaochun Chen.jpg

Prof. Shaochun Chen

Fuzhou University, China

Yiren Lu.jpg

A.Prof.Yiren Lu

Tianjin University, China

Cangsu Xu.jpg

Dr. Cangsu Xu 

Zhejiang University, China

Ming Chen.jpg

Prof. Ming Chen

Institute of Mineral and Resource, Chinese Academic of Geosciences

Guoli Qi.jpg

Prof. Guoli Qi

China Special Equipment

Inspection and Research Institute

Hengheng Xia.jpg

Mr. Hengheng Xia

National Engineering Research

Center for Supercapacitor for

Vehicles, China

Lam Sze Mun
Associate ProfessorUniversiti Tunku Abdul RahmanMalaysia
Sin Jin ChungAssociate ProfessorUniversiti Tunku Abdul RahmanMalaysia
Xu CangSuAssociate ProfessorZhejiang University China
MingYang DengAssociate ProfessorChang'an University China
Leong Kah HonAssistant ProfessorUniversiti Tunku Abdul RahmanMalaysia
Subhojit DawnAssistant ProfessorSiliguri Institute of Technology (Techno India Group)India
Zhiqiang WangAssistant ProfessorShandong University China
Yichen JiangAssistant ProfessorDalian University of TechnologyChina
Maru Dessie WalleAssistant ProfessorBahir Dar UniversityEthiopia
Xuefang NieMaster's Degree TutorEast China Jiaotong UniversityChina
Manickam MinakshiSenior LecturerMurdoch UniversityAustralia

Technical Program Committees

Qi GuoliProfessorChina Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute China
Xiyan ZhangProfessor Changchun University of Science and Technology  China
Min ShiProfessorEast China University Of Science and Technology China
Xiaomin WuProfessorXi'an Jiaotong University China
Ahmad Zuhairi Abdullah
ProfessorUniversiti Sains MalaysiaMalaysia
El-Sayed SalamaProfessorLanzhou UniversityEgypt
Abdul-Sattar NizamiAssociate ProfessorGovernment College UniversitySaudi Arabia
Associate ProfessorKPR Institute of Engineering and TechnologyIndia
Kishore Kumar PedapenkiAssociate ProfessorJain Deemed to be UniversityIndia
Ong Soon-AnAssociate ProfessorUniversity Malaysia PerlisMalaysia
Udit MamodiyaAssociate ProfessorPoornima College of EngineeringIndia
Vineet DahiyaAssociate ProfessorK R Mangalam UniversityIndia